The Shelter is the only place in Buried Town where the protagonist can rest, recover and prepare for the next scavenging trip. It is an abandoned house located at the south-west corner of the Town. As the game progresses, the player can improve the shelter with various facilities to have a better chance of survival.

Possible actionsEdit


This action is only available if the Bed is built.


Players can build a variety of facilities at fixed location in the Shelter.

Craft ItemsEdit

The Shelter begins with a Tool Chest, allowing players to make several basic tools. Later on, it can be upgraded and unlocks more crafting options. Many other facilities also allows for crafting.

Leave ShelterEdit

The player leaves the shelter and explore the town.

Zombie attacksEdit

Occasionally, zombies will attack the shelter. The attack always occurs at exactly 0 a.m. The outcome isn't affected by the protagonist's presence and equipped items. Instead, it depends on the level of protection the Shelter has (i.e the Fence and Dog Kennel). Having either will increase the chance of the zombies failing to inflict any damage to the shelter.

The attacks don't harm the protagonist or the facilities. Instead, a random selection of items is destroyed if the defense fails to stop the zombies.