In Buried Town, players assume control of an unnamed survivor in the zombie-infested Town. It is only possible to control one character in a single playthrough.

Premium ClassesEdit

The following survivors can be purchased via In-app Purchases.


  • Description: Well trained in shooting, and familiar with firearms.
  • Advantage: Hit rate (of firearms) increased to 125%.


  • Description: Has exercised for a long time, and therefore has a stronger physique and faster recovery times.
  • Advantage: HP increases to 125%


  • Description: Good at scavenging useful items from rubble.
  • Advantage: Item drops increased by 10%


  • Description: You are good with interacting with people. You're able to quickly earn their trust and aid.
  • Advantage: Gain a large bonus to NPC interactions. Refusing an NPC's request will not cause relationship points to drop.